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Frequently Asked Questions:

The Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program provides complete health assessments for the early detection and prevention of disease and disability in children and youth. It is a program offered to eligible children and youth at no-cost. Children may receive well-child care visits, according to CHDP Periodicity Schedule, from birth through 20 years of age if they have Medi-Cal and from birth through 18 years of age if they are low-income with no Medi-Cal.

The CHDP examination is an unclothed complete head to toe health evaluation of a child or youth covering health history, physical exam, review of dental, nutritional and developmental status, screenings of hearing and vision, blood pressure, urinalysis, anticipatory guidance, tests for anemia and lead exposure, immunization, and health education. Occasionally additional tests may be included.

Yes, but the CHDP exam requires the provider (medical doctor) to include all the tests mentioned in the previous question.

No. The services a child receives are based on the child's age and health status according to CHDP periodicity table. The periodicity table lists the frequency of exams, the type of tests and immunizations and the interval between CHDP exams that are required for each age. Every CHDP provider is required to do the check-ups according to this schedule.

It depends upon how old the child is or if the child has managed care Medi-Cal. If the child does not have Managed Care Medi-Cal or Regular Medi-Cal, he/she is eligible for a physical according to CHDP periodicity table. The frequency of visits differs slightly from the frequency required by Medi-Cal managed care.

If a provider finds a problem in any part of the exam, the child and the family will receive advice, a specific treatment (such as a prescription) or a referral for additional examinations, diagnosis and treatment.

One of the goals of the CHDP Program is to find any medical, dental, nutritional and developmental problems that a child may have before the problems become too severe for treatment. Once a medical, dental, nutritional or developmental problem is identified during CHDP health exam, the child may need further diagnosis and/or treatment of that problem. The CHDP provider is obligated to make the referrals to assist the family to obtain the care their children need.

When a problem has been found during a CHDP examination, the health professional and the family discuss and decide what referral is needed. If possible, the provider may treat the problem; for example, a prescription for a medication may be given to the family. If the child needs specialty care, such as an optometrist or a dentist, the CHDP health professional may then make the necessary referral. The referral is initiated at the provider’s office.

If your child has Medi-Cal, it may pay for the referrals. If your child doesn’t have Medi-Cal, there may be other pay sources that the child might be eligible for. CHDP nurses can help to explore all possible resources.

CHDP does not pay for specialty care. Children who have full scope Medi-Cal or Healthy Families can use their insurance to pay for the specialized care. For families without insurance, many resources depend on the type of problem and family situation. The family can contact the CHDP office and our staff will be happy to assist the family to obtain resources.

The CHDP staff is available to assist families and providers find and obtain needed services. A Public Health Nurse tracks children who have been identified with a problem and referred during CHDP exam. She follows up to assure that the child received the needed services.

All children who have Medi-Cal ages 0-20 years, low-income children with no health insurance ages 0-18 years who meet CHDP eligibility, foster children, children who attend Head Start and State Preschool ages 3-5 years.

That is determined on the basis of several factors such as your family income, number of people living in your household, your child's age, etc. Please refer to the CHDP Eligibility Determination Table or call us at 209-558-8860 to find out.

Families with Medi-Cal must bring their Medi-Cal cards; families that have no insurance must complete and sign a form declaring their income at the time of the visit. Families of children attending a Head Start or State Preschool program must obtain a CHDP form from the school and bring it to the CHDP visit. Also, bring immunization records (not for eligibility, but helpful for the complete exam).

Yes, the CHDP exam document is acceptable for enrollment in WIC programs. If you have just had a CHDP physical for your child, you can contact your doctor and request the WIC paperwork to be completed.

No. Please call 209-549-8193 for assistance in filling out the application and specific questions.

Lists of providers throughout Stanislaus are available from CHDP Administrative Program located at 830 Scenic Drive Modesto, CA 95350. Most pediatricians and many family practitioners throughout Stanislaus County are enrolled CHDP providers. Even your child's regular physician may be a CHDP provider. If he/she is not a CHDP provider, you can call CHDP administrative office at 209-558-8860 to learn the locations of CHDP providers close to your residence.

When the child has a CHDP exam and it is determined that the child needs to be referred to a dentist, your provider or the CHDP Administrative Program can give you a current list of the Dentists who are accepting new patients. Some clinics in the rural areas also offer these services on a sliding fee scale. For assistance or more information, call CHDP Program office at 209-558-8860.

If your child has Medi-Cal, call us at 209-558-8860. We will give you names of dentists, eye or medical doctors who are currently taking Medi-Cal patients located close to your home and language capable.

If your insurance policy does not pay for well child check-ups, then your child may be eligible for a CHDP free exam. Call CHDP Office at 209-558-8860 to find out.

Yes, call us at 209-558-8860 and our staff may be able to help you.

Administrative Program at 209-558-8860 may be able to help you. Some provider offices have bilingual staff and/or your health plan may provide interpreter services.

Call CHDP at 209-558-8860 for suggestions on transportation assistance.

We are located at 830 Scenic Drive 3rd floor Modesto, CA. 95350.

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