Gateway Process

What is the CHDP Gateway process?

The Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) Program is a "Gateway" to provide access for over one million uninsured children to the Medi-Cal or the Covered California Program through an automated pre-enrollment process.

Step 1:

After speaking with you, parent or guardian, to determine if your child does not have insurance that covers the child wellness exam, the doctor’s office will use the Income Eligibility Determination Table to check if your child is eligible for Gateway process.

-If your child has insurance or is not eligible, the doctor’s office will bill accordingly or will refer your child to the right doctor’s office.


-If your child is eligible, you, parent or guardian, will complete the CHDP Pre-Enrollment Application
The CHDP pre-enrollment application is available in the following languages:
Armenian, Cambodian, Chinese, English, Farsi, Hmong, Korean, Laotian, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Step 2:

The CHDP doctor’s office will submit via the internet the Pre-Enrollment Application you, a parent or guardian, completed for your child to receive services. An Immediate Need Eligibility Document will appear to tell the CHDP doctor’s office if your child is eligible for temporary Medi-Cal medical coverage. The temporary Medi-Cal for your child will stop at the end of the following month or could end soon if denied eligibility.

Step 3:

The CHDP doctor’s office is responsible to give you, parent/guardian, a Medi-Cal or Covered California application and a list of local Assistors if your child receives temporary Medi-Cal through the Gateway process. Along with the application, the CHDP doctor’s office will also explain to you, parent or guardian, that you must complete and mail the Medi-Cal or Covered California application within a month of receiving the application to continue to receive Medi-Cal benefits for your child.

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