California WIC Formula Transition

As of August 1, 2022 California WIC will transition to Similac brand milk-based formulas. Soy formula Enfamil ProSobee will stay the same. Use your WIC App to see your food benefits and check the brand when you shop. The brand, type, size, and number of cans to buy is in your WIC Food Balance.

WIC families unable to find their regular formula during the infant formula shortages will continue to have temporary expanded formula options until September 30, 2022.

For more information please visit California WIC Formula Transition

See Table below for comparable Enfamil and Similac standard milk-based formulas.

California WIC Formula Changes

No longer available as of August 1st

Available beginning August 1st

Formula Available starting
August 1st

Yellow Enfamil Blue Similac

Similac Advance

Comparable to Enfamil Infant

Available August 1

Purple Enfamil Green Enfamil Purple Similac

Similac Total Comfort*

Comparable to Enfamil Gentlease and Enfamil Reguline

Not available August 1 (Contact your WIC office)

No Enfamil Equivalent Orange Similac

Similac Sensitive

Available August 1

Orange Similac No Similac equivalent, continue using Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based.

*Similac Spit-Up and Total Comfort formulas will be available at a later date due to supply delays.
WIC does not require a prescription for these formulas

Helping Your Baby Adjust to a New Formula

Most babies can change to a new formula without any problems. If you think your baby may have a difficult time changing formula, talk to your WIC staff about following the directions below. If you have concerns with how your baby is adjusting, talk to your baby's health care provider.

Feeding Tips:

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Phone: (209) 558-7377
Breastfeeding Helpline: (209) 525-4838

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