Public Health Laboratory

The Public Health Laboratory is our community's first line of defense against public health threats like infectious diseases, toxins, and biohazards. Local health professionals, clinics, hospitals, and even law enforcement rely on the Public Health Laboratory to test and identify substances that could pose a serious risk to public health.

Under a joint powers agreement, Stanislaus County Public Health Laboratory services are provided by the San Joaquin County Public Health Lab in Stockton, CA.

To better serve your needs, there will be a daily courier service passing through Stanislaus County Public Health. Please use the appropriate San Joaquin County Public Health requisition, filling them out with complete information including collection time and date, test requested, and specimen background information.

NOTE: Certain types of specimens will continue to require Public Health approval before they can be submitted for testing at the Public Health Laboratory. If you have questions about testing for communicable diseases or outbreaks contact the Stanislaus County Public Health Communicable Disease program at (209) 558-5678.

Nondaignostic General Health Assessment

Registration & Enforcement Program

According to Section 1244 of the California Business and Professions code, a person or entity operating a nondiagnostic general health assessment (such as blood glucose testing at a health fair), must apply for a license 30 days in advance with the local health department.

Please refer to the application and links below for information on how to obtain a license:

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