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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

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The Stanislaus County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) focuses on preventing and reducing the harmful effects of lead poisoning among children in the community. CLPPP efforts revolve around various activities aimed at increasing awareness, reducing lead exposure, and ensuring that children are appropriately tested for lead poisoning.

What We Offer

  1. Case Management: CLPPP provides case management services to children and youth who have been identified with lead poisoning, supporting them up to the age of 21. Case management may involve coordinating medical care, providing educational resources, and ensuring necessary interventions are in place to reduce further exposure.
  2. Investigating and Analyzing Lead Sources: The program conducts investigations to identify and analyze sources of lead poisoning. Common sources may include lead-based paint, dust, and contaminated soil. By pinpointing these sources, they can take appropriate measures to address and mitigate the risks.
  3. Collaboration with Healthcare Providers: CLPPP works closely with healthcare providers to ensure follow-up services for affected children. This collaboration ensures that children with elevated lead levels receive proper medical attention and interventions to minimize the health impacts of lead poisoning.
  4. Community Education and Outreach: The program focuses on increasing awareness about the hazards of lead exposure. Through community education and outreach efforts, they aim to inform parents, caregivers, and community members about the risks associated with lead and how to prevent exposure.
  5. Home Visitation: CLPPP conducts home visitations to provide personalized guidance on lead poisoning prevention. By visiting homes, they can assess potential risks, offer advice on lead-safe practices, and recommend appropriate actions to minimize exposure.