Tuberculosis (TB) Program

The Tuberculosis Program monitors the Stanislaus County community for active TB disease to stop any further spread of TB disease. We support each active TB patient with individualized case management. The TB Program provides essential education to our community medical providers regarding the testing and treatment of TB.

TB Program provides:

  • Individualized case management of active TB disease cases in the community.
  • Performs detailed contact investigation to prevent the further spread of disease within the community
  • Education and resources to community providers and members focusing on community members who are most at risk

Learn More About TB:

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TB Reporting Guidance for Providers

TB Reporting is Mandated by Title 17, California Code of Regulations

Health and Safety Code ยง121362 states that all health facilities shall not discharge, transfer, or release a patient until notification and a written plan have been submitted and approved by the Local Health Officer for all people known or suspected to have active tuberculosis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has outlined the responsibilities of civil surgeons and provided resources and information.