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The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency (HSA) was awarded the Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike designation for its primary care and urgent care sites. This designation recognizes the significant role our system plays in providing care to the underserved of our community. One requirement for this designation is a voluntary Community Health Center Board (CHCB) which provides operational governance.

If you are a patient/user of the HSA primary care clinic system and also interested in being considered for this board appointment, visit the HSA website located at www.HSAHealth.org, click on Featured Links: FQHC-LA Community Health Center Board and download and complete the Board Member Application and Application Addendum. The questions on the Addendum will help us assure that the majority (51%) of the CHCB reflects the race/ethnicity, gender and socio-economic demographics of the HSA patient population.

If you have any questions regarding these forms, please call at (209) 558-7163 or email Sundae Maestas at gro.ashcs@satseams.

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