Emergency Preparedness

Who We Are?

The Emergency Preparedness Program aims to protect the community by coordinating activities to build, sustain, and improve the County's capability to mitigate, prepare, respond to, and recover from natural and human-caused disasters.

What We Do?

Working closely with local, state, and federal partners, the we develops plans, provides training, and conducts exercises to continually improve Stanislaus County-wide emergency and disaster preparedness, readiness and resilience. The Program also issues crisis communication and coordinates partners during public health emergency responses.

What We Offer?

  • Emergency Plans and Response: Stanislaus County Emergency Preparedness prepares and plans for all types of emergencies that could impact the health and safety of Stanislaus county residents. This includes preparing for Pandemics and natural disasters.
  • Emergency Preparedness Drills: Stanislaus County Emergency Preparedness completes drills to test how prepared we are to respond to emergencies. Based on how the drills play out, we adjust and improve our plans, training, and response. We complete drills to test our response to situations like Covid-19.
  • Medical Reserve Corps: The Medical Reserve Corps is a national network of medical and non-medical volunteers that work “to improve the health and safety of their communities.” MRC Volunteers provide Stanislaus County with manpower and technical skills during emergency and non-emergency events. They provide nursing and clerical support to Stanislaus County during drills, and in the case of actual emergencies. MRC volunteers also help with community health screenings, rabies clinics, and other activities to protect the health and safety of the community.

Learn more about Stanislaus County Medical Reserve Corps (SCMRC (See update for this page later in this document)

Common Health Emergencies in Stanislaus County

  • Measles: Are you protected from measles?
  • Food Poisoning: What to do if you suspect food poisoning has occurred.

  • Flu: Tips for preventing a flu outbreak.
  • Smoke Pollution: Protect yourself from wildfire smoke.

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