Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program

The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency Public Health Department's Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program began operation on June 1, 2009.

The MMICP is a program of the State of California that requires counties to administer a voluntary card registration program that allows qualified patients to apply for and receive Medical Marijuana Identification Cards for themselves and their primary caregiver through their county of residence.


In 1996, California voters passed Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act. The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Health & Safety Code, section 11362.5) ensures that seriously ill patients and their primary caregivers who possess, cultivate or use marijuana for the personal medical purposes of the patient upon the recommendation of a physician are not subject to California criminal prosecution or sanction, when they have a recommendation from a physician. However Proposition 215 did not provide an effective way for law enforcement to properly identify patients who were legally protected by the Act.

Senate Bill (SB) 420 was established to assist law enforcement in identifying Californians who were protected by Proposition 215 and to provide patients and their caregivers with a form of identification that would protect them against wrongful arrest and prosecution.

  • MMICP Flyer - English | Spanish
    Overview of the Medical Marijuana Identification Card application process in Stanislaus County.

  • Application Information
    Instructions on how to apply for a medical marijuana ID card or file an appeal if a prior application was denied.

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Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program
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Hours of Operation
By appointment only
Every Thursday
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Costs & Fees
County fee for individuals not eligible for Medi-Cal: $100 per client per year.

County fee for Medi-Cal eligible individuals: $50 per client per year.

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Note: MMICP not for Cannabis/Medical Marijuana
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