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The 2010 – 2020 Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus is a plan created by a large group of individuals and public and private organizations to coordinate community efforts to improve the health of our county and well being of our citizens. The Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus is a living plan, which means it is constantly being updated as needed. We encourage you to return to this page to see how the plan develops as we make progress on achieving the goals.

The Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus is organized into four areas that impact community prosperity and well-being, also known as broad determinants of health, which are social, economic, infrastructural and environmental factors that influence health, well-being and prosperity. These are:

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Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Broad Determinants of Health

The World Health Organization declared in 1948 that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.

Since this time, research has shown that many things influence our health, including economic, social and environmental factors. Recently, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation summed up this idea by saying "Health begins where we live, work and play." More and more national, state and local health organizations and initiatives are using this new knowledge to improve health by working to improve these underlying factors. For example, the nation's Healthy People 2020 program is based on the broad determinants of health.


From Data to Action: Development of the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus

In January 2009, more than 100 partners from over 50 organizations gathered to discuss the findings of the 2008 Community Health Assessment (CHA). Utilizing the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) process, the MAPP stakeholder group began to develop a coordinated approach to addressing the largest problems indicated in the CHA. This coordinated approach became the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus – a plan designed to focus attention on and inspire action in key areas to improve health in Stanislaus County from 2010 – 2020. Originally the effort was called the Community Health Improvement Plan, but was later renamed the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus to emphasize that physical health is not the sole focus of the plan.

At the initial meeting in January, the MAPP stakeholders decided to hold follow-up meetings on each of the four selected focus areas ("broad determinants of health") affecting the health our community and residents. At each follow-up workshop, community members and agency representatives interested in the focus area met to discuss and select priorities, draft a shared vision of the results to work toward, and develop specific goals to achieve over the next 5 years.

Once the priority vision and goals were selected, 14 working groups (called Task Forces) were formed to develop specific plans for each specific area of interest. The members of these Task Forces are experts on a particular issue and/or people dedicated to making a difference. They come from community based organizations, schools, government agencies, non profit organizations, faith based and grassroots community groups and the general public.

In early 2010, it became clear that the downturn in the economy was affecting the development of the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus. The MAPP stakeholder group decided to work on the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus in phases, starting with those focus areas in which the most interest and resources could be generated. Introducing the plan in phases also allows for focused attention on a smaller range of issues to produce real and meaningful results. For the first phase, MAPP stakeholders decided to focus on at least one area within each of the 4 broad determinants of health. Five Task Forces began work in 2010 to develop phase I of the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus, concentrating on these specific areas. Each Task Force reviewed the selected goals, ensuring that they could be achieved, and discussed strategic actions to be carried out over the next 5 years and indicators (things that can be measured) that they will monitor to see whether we are making progress toward the goals).


Coordination of the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus

Executive Team

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The Executive Team is the major coordinating body overseeing the development and implementation of the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus. The Executive Team is made up of representatives from seven large agencies (see list below) who have agreed to coordinate community efforts to address the major priority areas selected by the large group of stakeholders for a 5-year period. The following are the five agencies overseeing the Framework for a Thriving Stanislaus Task Forces and making a difference in the health of our residents.


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