California Children's Dental Disease Prevention Program [CCDDPP]

The Dental Disease Prevention Program provides tooth brushes, brush covers, floss and fluoride tablets; training for teachers; and instructional classroom visits to targeted preschool through sixth grade students in Stanislaus County. A percentage of second through sixth grade students in the program are also offered dental sealants with parental permission.


Teachers participating in the program agree to introduce brushing and flossing to their students and to distribute daily fluoride tablets to students with parental permission.


School nurses can get involved by promoting the program and by serving as a team member to assist with the program’s efforts. Parents can get involved by giving permission for their child(ren) to participate by following up on information and skills taught at school.

Oral Health Advisory Committee

The Oral Health Advisory Committee (OHAC) is a component of the program. OHAC seeks to bring awareness of oral health issues affecting children in Stanislaus County to the community. Members of the community are invited to be a part of OHAC.

Target Population: Preschool through sixth grade students at targeted schools, school nurses, and teachers.

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